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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A glimpse at my BOM and other things

A glimpse at one of the blocks of my new BOM
This is made from French General fabrics

My package arrived at my partners home..Berit
The Tilda Heart
Some little wooden Tilda hearts and some Tilda ribbon and some other braid
A Tilda scented Strawberry
Some Rose soaps and some shower soap
A covered notebook in Tilda fabrics
Toberlone Chocolate bar

This is the back of the heart, the pocket with a peg with a Tilda heart on the top

A closer look


Cat sent me some more Tilda heart swap gifts... 

She can tell you the reason for this :-)

The package

The gorgeous wrapping

A Modged Podged Plate with Tilda.. I just love this

Modge Podged Costers... I love these too!

Whats this???

Oh... a quilted mat ... made with Tilda fabrics and Cat gave me some charms square in Tilda fabric too..

Thanks again Cat 
You are such a sweetie



stefyfor said...

You have received fantastic gift.
Lucky you.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

What wonderful presents! I do love that plate. Isn't Cat clever?! What a lovely mat as well. Oh and I'm loving your French General fabrics, so lovely.

sunny said...

Love the plate! Cat really is a sweetheart.

Chris H said...

Wow what awesome gifts, you lucky girl!

Julia said...

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