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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My sons 21st birthday cake

I havnt been online for a while...Ive so much going on in my home I just havnt had the inspiration to create.
Its my sons 21st on Friday night....here is a picture of the cake I have created for him. He is a gifted musician, hence the black music notes. Ive done a few cakes over the time but not for a few years...Im not very good at putting the icing on the cake...but that dosent matter. Its the thought that counts..

I am so looking forward to creating the hall...it is a black and white theme. We will have muslin hanging from the ceiling, to cover the ceiling up...fairy light... five alcoves with coffee tables, set up in black and white with white candles and wrought iron stands...Three pillar candles on the food table... 125 balloons hanging from the ceiling and 50 helium ballons around the room.... This is the plan!! I will post pictures next week of the hall ... so watch the space...


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa

Well done! The cake looks fantastic. Hope the party goes well - sounds like it will look amazing. Thinking of you heaps. Love Suzy

Unknown said...

YUMMY! The cakes looks FANTASTIC! Okay, you are fibbing Lisa....doesn't look like you had problems! Wish I could be there to cheer on your 21 year old....Happy Birthday to him! My dd will be 21 in November....and I don't think she will be getting a cake quite like yours...or maybe I could run over and get you to help me!!! lol....take care and lots of hugzzies for you!

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