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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Boy Travel Book and ...

I just could not wait to share with you one of the projects I have been working on lately.

This is a new design that will come out in kit form in my webshop as of next week.

Some of you may remember my cut out doll quilt I made a couple of years back.
The post is here
My little girl loves playing with the quilt and the dolls dressing them up with the clothes.

I wanted to design something for boys to play with as I have a little 5 year old boy that feels a little left out. I went to my drawing pad and looked at this fabric and came up with the idea. 

I am extremely pleased with it and my little man has 'stolen it' claiming it as his. We are off for a holiday to the USA next month and I thought the book would be a great idea to keep him amused for a little of the time on the plane.

Also, some of you are aware that I have been on a weight loss journey.
I have lost 40kg... which is over 80lbs. I have managed to keep this weight off for some months which is a wonderful thing!
The other day I thought I would try on a dress I made for a 'fancy dress' party a few years back.
I was so excited that I could fit it!
Here it is

It is a vintage vogue pattern. With a zip on the side and pin tucks around the waistline. It is an organza overlay with a satin dress underneath. 
I havn't done alot of sewing for myself for a long time. This has inspired me to get out some patterns and get creating. 
I am teaching a sewing class for my eldest daughter and her friends in a couple of weeks. They want to learn to sew a simple skirt. So maybe that day I will take along my machine and sew too!

My class with Lynette Anderson tomorrow!! Yiphee.


Anonymous said...

enjoy your class tomorrow Lisa and well done with your weight loss.xx

Little Penpen said...

You look great! Congrats!! I'll bet you feel pretty good, too...huh? I love the little play quilts. I had my 2 year old grandson with us in church Sunday and have been thinking about putting together some quiet toys for him. The little cars look like fun.

Cat said...

ohhhh I feel the need for a play quilt
dang you look fabulous girl xxx

retdairyqueen said...

You look stunning Well done on the weight loss You must feel so much better

Michelle said...

Sew cute, I wish my girls were younger again! You have some exciting things ahead of you, what fun, enjoy your day tomorrow... Hugs

Gayle said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, you look fantastic. Love the little girl quilt too. Very pretty.

Chris H said...

You look stunning.. and well done on the awesome weight loss. I hope to be saying I lost that much weight this time next year!
I've done it before... I can do it again.

Wendy said...

I meant to comment on this post and then forgot! I wanted to say how beautiful you look and well done with the weight loss. I have recently lost 13kg so I understand how good it makes you feel, Hugs Wendy

Unknown said...

You look MAAAAVELOUS, DAHLING!!! Awesome...that you are able to keep that weight off!


Anonymous said...

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