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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ive been sewing....

I saw a post on Geta's blog recently of these cute little bags
I purchased the pattern to make the above bag and two other styles. The patterns also came with the patterns pieces to make mini ones.. when I say mini I mean about 4" wide... very cute. I have cut some out already.
The pattern instructions are very clear with lots of photos. Highly recommended.

This is the yoyo with a vintage button in the middle

A closer look

I have also been buying books from The Book Depository
Oh dear that place is dangerous! LOL
As I have been cameraless I havent posted my purchases which have been over a number of months
So below are .....

I love to knit... I love to knit flowers... so I purchased a couple of knitted flower books and this lovely book called Gifted... I love the little hearts... in this book there is a number of felted projects which is something I want to try... knitting something with pure wool and washing it in the washing machine.


I sew these two books on Clare's blog last year... great books for swap and giveaway ideas

Another book I saw on Clare's blog... this has great gifts for swaps and giveaways too

This is a book I have been waiting eagerly for.... and Im looking forward to having a go at this technique. I love the free motion idea of applique

The Home Sweet Sewn book is one I have had my eye on for a very long time. I love the idea of making things out of old woollen jumpers.. The teacosy and the egg cups are just that. The other book has a bag made out of an old jumper too.

So these are the latest additions to my library... 

I guess in the months to come you will be seeing some projects come from these book's.. well hopefully...

As for our beloved Christchurch. I cannot bring myself to post any photos of rubble on my blog. It is devastating to see these photos. I had a cry about it this afternoon. Seeing the anguish on peoples faces as they are told that their loved ones are not alive. Mum's that were at work and are now dead. Oh dear friends, it is just so sad. New Zealand has never had such a natural disaster. It is affecting the whole country in different ways. I was so sad to read and hear today of people that have been stealing. One lady, whom is believed to have perished, her children were down waiting for news of there mum... someone went to their home and stole possessions. Their home was damaged by the earthquake and they couldnt lock doors and windows... and someone did this...!!!!! How disgusting is that? How terrible! How disrepectful! Also, 35 generators supplied by our Telecom people were stolen. These were going to be used to get phonelines up and running... The gaul of some people.. it makes me very upset.



Unknown said...

All such beautiful books Lisa and a gorgeous bag !
I get soooo very angry to hear of the rotten people I try and focus on all the good people helping so much , there are so many .

BubzRugz said...

You have lots of lovely books... I have been 'felting' jumpers and blankets... now I need to make a few things....
So sad to hear and see the devastation... my thoughts with you and all NZealanders...

Cat said...

ohlalalala there are a couple of books there I must have a looksie at next time I pop over for a latte :)

The bag is gorgeous - :)))

I've just managed to find freight to carry quilts donated by Australia to NZ - as long as the quilts can get to Jan Mac (Oz Comfort Quilts) and I have secured freight to get quilts from Auckland to Christchurch.

See you tomorrow - let the matching of the secret swap begin .. .. ..

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely bag Lisa.
Eh, I have4 3 of those books, there are so many cute ideas in them!

I saw BBC World last night and heard some people ware stealing stuff. I competely can't understand that, but that kind of persons seem to be everywhere.
Still keeping my fingers crossed in hope they find more people alive.

Little Penpen said...

I guess some people go crazy during desperate times. Who would even think to "hey, let's go steal something" during a time like this? I pray peace for all the victims. Your books are YUMMY... I think I would love to spend an afternoon on the couch, looking through them, planning and dreaming!

Chris H said...

I adore that bag and the fabric you used.

They caught those scumbags who stole the telephone generators... hope they throw the book at them.

I too could not post photos on my blog... it is all
too awful.

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

nice photos!! Beautiful Blog
I love all of them!!
hugs from Chile

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I just love the bag you made. So happy to see you are safe. I am been thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Lisa what a lovely blog you have so different and inspirational,well done.
cheers shez

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