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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Wreath with a difference

A Christmas Wreath with a difference.

I am helping with the decorations for a supper at our church on Sunday. We are doing the light blue and silver theme.  This wreath is made from the seed fronds of a Bangalo Palm Tree. I have had it in the weather drying out for about 18 months. I had an idea to make it into a Christmas wreath. 
I sprayed painted it with silver paint then glued the balls on. I also added little bits of tinsel by swirling them around the twigs. It is definatley a wreath with a difference.

More photos...

It is very hard to photograph. It looks alot better in real life.

Also I have made a lolly tree with snack sized chocolate bars.

Snack bar Topiary Trees

And the cookies are all wrapped up ready to give out to the receivers.

I hope all your Christmas plans are coming together.



Sarah - Red Gingham said...

It looks fantastic!! Great idea. I also love the look of those wrapped biscuits, very pretty in light blue. I love the theme colours. I bet those topiary trees are a hit. I'd fancy making one with jaffas! Big and small she says whilst sucking on one herself.

Anonymous said...

I love this wreath! I adore the colors that were chosen for it.So cute!

Little Penpen said...

The wreath is very unique, so shiney, and pretty!!! I love the topiary trees with candy decorations! I"ve been looking for a unique gift idea for three little nieces.... hmmmm.... that has my wheels turning! Thanks!

Kathy H said...

Love all your silver and blue decorations and even cookies.
Merry Christmas.

Wendy said...

Beautiful! You are so talented and your wreath is wonderful.

Julia said...

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Good continuation !

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