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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A fibre art scarf...

Over the weekend I went to a Quilt exhibition in Gordonton New Zealand.It was held at a gorgeous place called Woodlands...a very old homestead and the quilts were shwon all around the house, on the beds, over the mantles, on chairs etc...it was just lovely.
While I was there I went into the merchants room...there werent that many there. I purchased some fabric oil paint sticks,among other things.I bought some exotic yarn made in Nepal.I have just made this scarf, yesterday.It took me no time at all to make it.I knitted it on 9mm needles with 10 stitches. The yarn is recylcled and very heavily twisted...in amongst the yarn was little pieces of twig, plastic and paper...amazing all the way from Nepal. I also made some tassels out of silk cocoons, the top one is cut with a jaggard edge so I could fit the bottom one inside. I then embellished with thread and beads. I used bamboo fibre to come out of the bottom of the tassel. I really enjoyed making this. I hope you like it too!!


Unknown said...

I just love the Napali scarf! beautiful and peaceful blog....listening to your music... I just want to reach across the waters and landmast and hug you oh so tight! I pray for your husband to be well and for you to be together for a very long time.....many, many good wishes for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love your scarf.It's so colourful,it makes you happy when you look at it !
Have a nice week!

Leao said...

Hey Lis, what a beautiful scarf you made, sorry didn't get a chance to see you at camp I hope all is well with you, I'd love to be part of the pif thing, how does it work? have a good week. Love L

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