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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vintage Treasures

I have collecting recipe books

A coupLe of the classic Aunt Daisy Cookbooks, someone's old handwritten recipe book and a few others.
I'll be trailing some of the recipes and posting them on here.

Keep an eye out for the recipes

I love collecting 

This is my dads old printers draw. I have it hanging up in the wall.
I collect thimbles.
I also collect miniatures that are handmade from a couple of ladies that have a stall at a craft fair here in New Zealand.
This photo only shows some of my collection 

I also collection old jugs.

Some are from Germany, New Zealand, Japan

I also collect old books from my childhood

I read these when I was at school

Do you remember these?

Nothing like some vintage goodness 

And I collect vintage china 

I have many lovely pieces I have pirchased over the years 
Also, I have inherited, as above, my grandmothers China and crystal 

What do collect?

I could show you more but I'll save those for another day

I hope you are having a great weekend


Leeanne said...

You have some lovely collections! I don't know those books?? Well collections, where to start!

Leonie said...

Such lovely treasured collections! I am not really a collector except for gorgeous fabric and the odd bit of lego... I know ;) x

Rosiana Monbon said...

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Rosiana Monbon said...

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Rosiana Monbon said...

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