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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

Hi all

Just a note to welcome to 2015.

The year 2014 is a year that I am very happy to see the back of.

It has had some very hard times.... losing my dad being one of them. I have to say over recent months I have been missing him alot.  Grief isnt easy is it? even if you know that you are going to lose a loved one to cancer really I didnt prepare for the sadness of losing dad.

I am also now back at work, which is a very new thing for me after many years of being a Stay At Home Mum. This is been an extremely exhausting experience!!  So I havnt picked up a needle and thread, paint brush, pencil, knitting needle nor a crochet hook for months.

I am slowly starting to feel the need to do something but I dont quite know what the something is just yet...  Oh dear, I know I will get there eventually.

I am hoping very much to do the Tilda Swap that I postponed last year. I would like to do this around March 2015.... by that stage we will be all over Christmas and back into the normal routine of life.

With this little rave I will leave you with one of my favourite Music videos at the moment by Ed Sheenan.... I admire this dance routine and his perserverance in learning to dance,.

Fantastic I say!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Off to work


This is me as of four weeks ago

I had to get a job

Life takes different twists and turns sometimes

Im working in a high end fashion boutique and loving every moment of it

It is a radical difference from blogging, handcrafting and trying to make and create things. I have tried to get these things off the ground but alot of the time I just didnt have the motivation.

I will be on my blog writing posts and tutorials but I have to get myself into the throws of getting used to working, as I have not worked this hard in many many years.

I have been knitting at night making little slippers. Knitted slippers.

I found the most awesome pattern for these delightful snuggly slippers and have made some for my little boy, my little girl and a few of her friends. I have also had a mum ask me if I would make her some. These are so easy to make while watching TV at night

Here is a link to the slippers below if you would like to give them a try

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sewing Case


A few months back a did a hand stitching class. It was a lot of fun and I learnt some wonderful techniques. 
The above photo is of the appliqu├ęd Annie that is on the front cover. This is 3D applique. 

This photo is of the inside

Such a lot of fun to make. Hand stitching is certainly time consuming but worth the effort. My sewing machine was not used at all to make this.  The size would be about A5.  Perfect to store my large scissors in

I hope your having a great weekend

Monday, September 29, 2014

Aunty Barbara's Cookies 1950

Another recipe from Mum Old Recipe Folder

This recipe is old... Mum's hand written this recipe out and it is in the front pages of the Cakes and Biscuit section.... so it is at least 48 years old.

These are delicous. The recipe makes at least 35 biscuits


1  1/2 cups sugar
8oz butter

Cream these together

Add Egg

Beat together


Edited (forgot the flour :-) )

2 1/2 cups flour  
2 cups of Cornflakes (Kelloggs or Sanitarium)
 ( A crackly breakfast cereal in New Zealand)

1 cup Coconut
2 tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Condensed Milk

Mix all together to form a nice rolling dough

Roll these into balls with a couple of teaspoons of the dough
Place ball onto the prepared baking tray, these spread out so make sure you leave a 1 inch gap between each ball
Press in the middle with your finger or a fork.

Bake on a moderate oven until they are a nice golden colour


Friday, September 26, 2014

Little Honey

I have decided to start selling my own handmade Babywear, Kidswear and Homewares as a little side thing to do to unlease abit of creativity.

Click HERE to visit my page on Facebook

I have had my own baby label Little Honey for a few years and these clothes were stocked in a couple of gift shops. I have always loved making cute one off garments and homeware over the years.  I have done alot of commission work also.

Here are just some of the Little Honey things I have made 

Part of my recent makes... A gorgeous pair of little shoes for a 3 months old

A cute little pair of crochet booties. A request from a customer. They had to be made out of fine cotton. 

This was a kit that my customer purchased from The Smocking Mag

This is my design, bonnet made form handspun chunky yarn

I cute little dress I smocked for another customer. This pattern was from The Smocking Mag also

I crocheted the flowers and put them onto the delicate satin baby shoes. These went of to a gorgeous litle baby girl that was born via c-section

I had a lady email me asking if I would make this stocking and another with an angel on it ...  I was sent a photo and I had to copy the design from a photo.. this was an interesting challenge

I have many more things I could upload to show you of creations I have made.
Too many to list and Im sure you would get bored  :-)

Have a great weekend creating, cooking, gardeing or what ever you are doing

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1920's Fruit Loaf Recipe

Fruit Loaf Recipe

I have inherited my mothers very old reipe folder

When I was a little girl I asked mum if I could have it when she no longer needed it.
It is a teasure trove of all type of recipes and old fashioned ideas  that have been hand written by my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother, my mother and many friends and neighbours my parents have had over the years.

I have decided to trial alot of these recipes and share them with you. The first one being from the 1920's. This Fruit Loaf recipe 


The recipe makes 2 loaves

3 Cups Water
2 oz Butter
2 Cups Sugar
1 lb Sultanas

Boil together for 10 mins then COOL

Mix together with 

4 Cups Flour
2 tspn Baking Soda
2 tspn Baking Powder

Put into two loaf tins

Cook in a slow oven for 1 hour

(I cooked this at 170 for 1 hour)


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