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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mini Fabric Basket

As well as being a Tilda Fan I am also a fan 
of Lynette Anderson

You couldnt get two totally different styles.

I have a lot of Lynette Anderson fabrics and her books. The other day I was having a clean up of my studio and I decided to use up some of my stash. 

I made this little mini basket first.
All hand sewn, as I thought I should use some of the skills I have used from the class I took recently

I had some bee buttons in my stash (not Lynette Andersons) and decided to add them to a little mini yoyo.

These fit my little bobbins that I use for applique. These bobbins have thread on them that are used in Lynettes designs.

After Lynette came and made a comment on the mini basket above on my Facebook page I felt very inspired to make another one but using different fabric.

I used two of Lynettes fabrics as well as her embroidery fabric.. I love this fabric! it is just so lovely to stitch on. 

I used some more buttons from my stash and did up an embroidery design

I made this one using a slightly different design. I will endeavour to do a tutorial of these soon.

They are quick and easy to make... that is one of my favourite motto's.


busy mums need quick designs they can make up when busy.

These really do not take that long at all... especially when sewn on a machine.

Dont forget the Tilda Swap below

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cupcake Frenzy

 Ive been baking cupcakes.
I love creating these little morsels of prettiness

The rolled roses are so simple. Written instructions below
I made these specially for my little man for school lunches.

They were a slight disaster as the icing went abit strange on me... but Im sure you get the idea of what I was trying to acheive.

Rolled Rose instructions:
Use a small amount of gum paste or fondant.

Roll out a small ball of fondant approx 1 in deep and about 3 in long... so it is a long narrow strip.
Roll from one end making sure that the petals dont stick together.. there has to be a gap so it looks llike a rose, as shown in the picture below.

Cut the bottom so rose is the desired size and pop it into the icing on the cupcake.

For the little leaf I used a tiny ball of fondant or gumpaste.
I moulded it in my hand with my finger to create a teardrop shape. I then pinched it a little at the round end  that is how to make a leaf.

Tilda Doll Swap - Updated Sign up and Finish Time

Hi all

One of my readers suggested a Tilda Doll Swap.

How bout it!?! 

Are you keen?

If so please email me at


Please give me your:

First and Second Choice of colour choices
Yes or No to sending outside of your country

You must have one of the following:
Facebook Page

Please include the link to this in your email to me
Some way that I can see that you are legitimate.

You can choose the type of doll you want to do the only condition is she must be a long version of Tilda. Not a cupcake doll.

If this is successful I will do other Tilda Swaps in the future

I havnt done a swap in a couple of years as I was very disappointed in a couple of people not fulfilling their part of the swap


It is very unfair. Tilda Dolls take a lot of time and it is important that you sign up and complete.

I hope you can get to know your swap partner. I try to match you up with someone with similar interests.


Sign Up by September 14 2014

Doll must be finished by  October 30 2014
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