Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goodbye Dad

On Thursday my dad lost his battle with cancer

He fought so bravely

I was so proud of him

We saw him suffer alot of pain

He never complained and kept his sense of humor through it all

Love you Dad

Till we meet again


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Charlie Kate in her new outfit

You may remember this jumper I put on my blog a whille ago.
I made this for a friend's little grand-daughter.

I sent it off to the family a few days ago and I received this lovely photo of her in the outfit with the blanket I made as well. 

Charlie-Kate is her name and she looks totally cute in it.

I am so pleased and I think she tooks delightful in pink!

Welcome to the world beautiful!

PS ladies that have left comments regarding doing embroidery for me. I have my dad very sick with cancer at the moment. I havnt forgotten about this, as it is high on my prioity list. Just have the failing health of my dad I'm dealing with just now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tooth Fairy

My new design
Tooth Fairy

This design was inspired by my little boy who recently lost his first tooth. I had so much fun designing this.

All instructions are included in this pattern.

Click HERE if you would like to purchase

Tooth Fairy has a pocket under her skirt for the tooth to go into

This pattern in available in my Etsy Store and will be available in my Craftsy and my website later today.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Embroidery Testers

When I say embroidery testers.... Im after some ladies that will help me get some sample photos 
of my new stitching patterns for the front cover photo.

I am very busy and just dont have the time to stitch constantly.
I am in need of some ladies that are wanting a free pattern to make into what ever they like and will be generous enough to let me have the photo of their work in return.

I will send you the PDF of the pattern
You will send me a photo of the finished stitchery.

Please leave a comment
I need to be able to visit your blog so I can see samples of your work and to know that you are genuine

Your photo will be used for the front photo of these patterns, I will also link your photo on my blog back to your blog and give you credit for you work.

I have quite a number of drawings done and in my head ready to be drawn up.

You dont have to make it up into anything in particular
Just have a photo of it stitched up in the colours of your choice.
I will email the PDF to you

Genuine people please only ... thanks so much

Look forward to hearing from you

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I LOVE FABRIC stitchery now available

I LOVE fabric stitchery has just been loaded onto my Etsy shop.
click HERE if you would like to purchase.

I have also added this to my website Lydias Treasures this is a downloadable pattern 

Please be aware it is the stitchery drawing only. No instructions given

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Full of Heart Quilt Blocks now available

My Full Of Hearts Quilt 

This is now available to download for $4.00 USD per block from my Etsy store.

This quilt consists of nine blocks that can be used for a quilt or cushions.

Click HERE to visit my Etsy store for instant download

Here are just three of the blocks available.

Below is the button for the quilt if you would like to add it to your blog

Happy stitiching

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Handsewn Cottonholder

This is one of my completed Cotton Holders I made recently in a class

The class I took was teaching hand sewing the Japanese way. My teacher being of South Korean decent was taught by a very well know Japanese woman in Japan a number of years ago.

My teacher's name is Renee and she sews everything by hand. Nothing she makes is made on a sewing machine. It is just a marvel to see. She has made quilts, bag, dolls and Zakka.

I have been enjoying her class very much and I am hoping to incorporate alot of the methods I learn into the things I make in the future.

The Cotton Holder above is all handstitched. 
I made two of them. One for applique cottons and one for handquilting cotton.

I am not making a toilet bag with Flying Geese (Oh my... this will be interesting) Flying Geese with perfect points... we will see  ;-)

Hi to all my new readers 

Have a great day

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wool Felt House

My latest creation.
A Wool Felt House.

This is my own design. The pattern will be available soon. (this is all part of my new plans for this year  :-) 
This house is large enough for you to put the yarn for a knitting or crochet project in as you are using it, the yarn can poke out the top of the roof, or it could be used as a cute additon to a little girls bedroom, or even better still your bedroom.

This house has a front door, embroidered sides and a backdoor. 

This is what I call 'Shabby Chic Zakka', if there is such a thing. 

I was inspired by this house after reading a Japanese book, in Japanese. I saw these mini houses in this book and this was my inpsiration.

Silk ribbon and normal embroidery basic stitches are used in this design. 

I will let you know when the pattern is available. 

Have a nice day

Monday, February 24, 2014

My plans

I am quite excited about this year. 
I have been inspired by some great people of late.

Some of my plans:

Do some more Tilda Tutorials (any ideas what you would like to see?)
I have some new designs in the making, so that means some new patterns.
I have some lovely new fabrics coming... my favourites are from Makower Uk and some gorgeous Cotton Linens.
Design Design Design.. I am feeling very inspired to push things ahead. 
Learning and inspiring others to create

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the wool felt house I am making. It is just looking so pretty. I am super excited about this design and I hope to have this available very soon.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wool Felt Sewing Case

Hi everyone
I havnt been on here for a while. My dad hasn't been that well, it seems that the morphine dosage is going up by the week at this stage. So my motivation has been slightly sluggish.

I have been enjoying my crocheting, knitting, handstitching and embroidery though.

I saw this made up in a shop recently and liked it so much I purchased a kit.
While I was making it I went with the embroidery pattern but kind of changed it around as I pleased. I love doing free style embroidery.

I just love embroidery. I have been doing this art for nearly 40 years.. hmmm that makes me very old!! lol 

This is the inside of the case. 
A place for:
And my packet needles

Wool felt is so nice to work with... so soft and the needle just glides in without a problem.

I just love it. I have some other goodies to show you too.

I have been doing a hand stitching class, the Japanese method. I totally love it. I have made two cotton reel holders and now Im making a toilet bag. 

Ill have a post showing these soon.

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