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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tilda Skin Fabric

I have had a few emails from people asking me what fabric I use for my Tilda Dolls.

As you know I sell some Tilda fabric in my online shop. It is expensive for me to bring Tilda into New Zealand so for the moment I only have limited stock available.

So when you are looking for the requirements you need to create your doll you improvise, well I do and I have had to over the last 3 years, as Tilda fabric has been hard to come by.
I use a good quality calico or a linen that is a tone close to what I need. For the Tilda Bunny I used linen for the above Tilda Angel I used calico.

So really it is you choice. Tilda skin fabrics come in dark tone colours for gingerbread men etc. I would tea dye my fabric for a darker look. At some stage I will get some Tilda skin fabrics in but for the moment I make do with what I can get.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.


Bregit said...

They are beautiful!!!!!
Gr. Bregit

Rosa La Maida said...


Sharon said...

So glad your site is in English.
I love your site. I also use what I can find for the skin color.

Sharon in Idaho,usa

Leonie said...

Always gorgeous Lisa x

Reema dsouza said...

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