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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Little Angels

 My latest little angel...

I did a blog post the other day of an angel... I wasnt that happy with it so I decided to refine and embellish it a bit more to my liking. This is the latest creation. She is made from a Charm Square for the dress. There is no sewing involved... all handmade.

Then I was inspired by a doll I saw on Pinterest and decided to try and create something with a crochet dress 

This is what I came up with.. no pattern used.

The cotton used for the dress is hand dyed. I made the wire flowers, one in her hair and one on her dress. She is all handmade with no sewing involved. I so enjoyed creating these little cuties.

I am on a crochet buzz at the moment. I find it so relaxing, with all of what has been going on in my world that is just what I am in need of. 

I bought some lovely cotton that a shop wasnt bringing into the country anymore, there were one of each colour  left.  This cotton is made in Greece.. I love the yarns made in Italy and Green... So I purchased them.
I purchased two oranges, pink and a burgundy shade.

I decided to make some Dishcloths out of it.
I am loving some other dishcloths I made before Christmas... I have to highly recommend them.. they are fantastic to use in the kitchen and I was told the other day that they can be used as Face Cloths (flannels) as they are a great for exfoliating.

I hope you having a good day... we have beautiful sunshine here in Auckland


AnitaS said...

Your angels are very beautiful. Here it is raining and warmer and all the snow is gone.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What sweet angels! I love knit dish clothes and use them all the time~ I purchase the yarn and my mom knits them for me. LOL

Kate said...

Both angels are quite lovely!

susane said...

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