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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tilda Purse

I saw this purse in one of my Tilda books the other day and thought I'd like to make it.  I have made this one out of some Tilda fabrics that I purchased from the UK and of course there is the Tilda rose that I have hand stitched onto the front of it. These are delightful little cosmetic purses from the  Sew Pretty Homestyle book. What I love about the Tilda books is the way Tonne explains how to make her patterns. I just love the basic way she explains things...

Also there is the Gathered Rose Tutorial I put up the other day... here is a photo of it pressed flat with an iron.. I just love the look ... better than the first photo, I think anyway. I have made this into a brooch to go onto a bag or whatever.

I just want to say, as I have edited into my previous post. This rose is an idea I have had for a long time. It is inspired by my ribbon rose creations. I have always wanted to make roses out of fabric and not ribbon all the time. I have been doing ribbon roses for about 14years now... I just don't want people to think I go around copying others... I am inspired by others but I am not into copying. Just wanted to make this clear.

as some of you know I have a Cuttlebug 
This is a device that is used to emboss paper and cut dies for scrapbooking and cardmaking.
I LOVE paper craft as well as other crafts! as alot of you know
Spotlight (a craft shop franchise) here in New Zealand had a special running last week. 
I had seen this owl diecut a number of months ago that I just really wanted... the thing is it was expensive.
So I took the opportunity to purchase it with the special.

Here is what I have been making over the weekend

Owly cards
Cute... dont you think?
I also made some gingerbread men. I have a diecut for a gingerbread man.. 
My little 3 year old was having alot of fun making these with me
He is an owl lover and of course gingerbread men too!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gathered Rose Tutorial

I have been meaning to do my Gathered Rose Tutorial for a while now. I have other tutorials that I want to do but as time permits Ill get to them.
Click HERE to be taken to the tutorial or click on the sidebar
This rose is made from one of my special Tilda fabrics.. yum yum

I know there is alot of fabric roses around. I can truly say that this is an idea I have had for a long time. I havn't copied anyone...This rose was inspired by my ribbon rose creations.

Also, I had an email last night from one of the lady's that has joined in the the COLOUR swap. Marina from Australia received her wonderful package from Judit  in the colour BLUE 
That was quick Judit and Im so glad that you made Marina's swap experience a lovely one. That's what swaps are all about .. THANK YOU

I have just got my list together and purchased what I need to make for my swap partner ... but more about that later.

Take care

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mum's Quilt

It is my mum's 70th birthday on Monday. I have been collecting these blue fabrics for a while now and saw the pattern in a book by Leanne Beasley...see other post below for the details of it. Leanne did her quilt in a totally different colour way. Im not a blue person but I am very pleased with how the quilt has come up.. I quilted it myself.. I haven't done the best job of it but it will do. I used a variegated thread of different shades of blue....the wadding is a cotton iron on interfacing ..... I have to say this is a fantastic product. I have never used it before and it works wonderfully. When you wash the quilt the fabric comes away from the wadding.

Im also a pincushion lover and Im a fan of Molly Blossom designs
This is the Milliners Hat Pattern made up. I just love working with felt.

This was a trial of the pattern

I just had to take a picture from a few different angles..

Take care

Until the next creation

Monday, August 2, 2010


Colour Swap 2010


This is my first ever swap that I have organised. I hope it will be the first of many.

I decided on a COLOUR SWAP... what does that entail you ask?

There are six letters is the word COLOUR (Well, here in New Zealand that is how we spell it) I know in the USA it is spelt COLOR but could the USA ladies go by the rules here .... I'm sure you wont mind GRIN GRIN. You have to send you partner SIX things (as colour has six letters) of their favourite colour. At least ONE of the gifts have to be handmade. You can give six handmade gifts if you would like to.

Also, Khris from SEWPRIMKHRIS did a Friends Swap where you have to give gifts beginning with each letter. If you would like to give a gift for each letter in COLOUR that is up to you.


1. I would prefer that you have an active blog ... if not please email me. I just want genuine people to join up this swap... NO TIME WASTERS, it just isn't fair on your swap partner and it causes undue stress and unfairness.

2. Gifts must be sent out by October 1st 2010.

3. There must be six gifts in the package and at least one handmade.

4. You must email your partner and myself when you send your gifts and please email me when you receive them, as I am going to put your names on my sidebar with links to your blog.

Now, please email me on lydiastreasures@gmail.com and tell me the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your mailing address
3. Your blog address
4. Your email address
5. Your favourite colour
6. Tell me if you are happy to send overseas

I will close the swap off on 12 August 2010...I will send out your partners information on the 13th August.... gifts must be sent by October 1st.

Feel free to take the button and spread the word.

Big hugs


PS  I havnt forgotten about the Block 5 for my BOM... Im still waiting on my laptop cord to arrive.
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