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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Custom Paper Tape Tutorial

I have just recently discovered Washi Tape... A printed masking tape used for wrapping, cardmaking and other things.
While going through different sites online reading up about it I discovered this tutorial. Cathe uses wrapping paper. I thought fabric could work too.
The blog is called Just Something I made.
A very clever lady called Cathe Holden.
I think this is a fantastic idea and I wanted to share it with you.

Click HERE to visit Cathe's  blog and learn how to make this.

PS... The link for HERE wasnt working Ive fixed it now.... so click away


Pen Pen said...

I checked out the tutorial. Love it. what a great idea!

Jenis Broad said...

Quite possibly the most succinct and current info I came across about this subject. Sure pleased that I discovered that site by accident. I’ll probably be subscribing for your feed so that I will get the most current updates. Like the information here.

Custom Paper

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