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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mini Christmas Tree Cone Tutorial

I am helping dress up tables for a function in our church in just over a week. I had this idea of cone christmas trees on the table made from christmas balls.. well I have searched the internet and just couldnt find what I was looking for so I came up with this idea myself.
I was looking for the large poly cones but couldnt find them anywhere, all I could find was these mini 3" - 4" long ones.... so the below tutorial is what I came up with..
Very simple
Very effective

The finished tree

You will need 
a box of mini Christmas ball
a box of the next size up balls
a mini poly cone - approx 4" high
tinsel to match the balls

Glue is a spiral around the cone
I use quick drying craft glue or you could use a glue gun

Do you like my cappacino?

Now put the tinsel on the tree by folllowing where you have glued in a spiral

Now cut the threads off the balls, add some glue and glue the balls in place 
all over the tree

For the top of the tree I used the next sized up ball
I cut the thread and took off the hanging loop
and glued it to the top

Another idea I had was to make a handmade white felt star and embroider it with blue glitter thread and add some sequins...  just an idea




Chris H said...

OH that is the cutest wee tree! Well done girl.

Elaine said...

Great idea. Will be using. Thanks for sharing. :)

karennarelle said...

gorgeous, i'm looking for easy things to do with my kids every day till christmas. if i can get my hands on some of those little cones we will make these for sure

Clara said...

Lovely and.....quick idea!!!!

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