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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prop Styling - Puppet Show in the making

I have been asked to dress a room for a Puppet Show that is coming up in a number of months.
My puppets name is Nelly..  Im not acting her.. Im dressing her bedroom. It is alot of fun, a job I certainly would love to do fulltime!

This large tree houses 4 puppets... Their bedrooms are inside. The tree was carved by the carvers that worked on the Hobbit set.

I have crocheted a vine with roses and made bunting with large pompoms
 Nelly has a hanging bed from the celling... the vine is wrapped around the rope

A closer look

The colours I have used so far.

Large Felt flowers are to be added at some stage soon.

Have a great day


Cat said...

so lovely to see photos of your creativity which knows no limits xxx

Leonie said...

Oh wow so exciting! Looks amazing! xx

Val Spiers said...

What a fun thing to do. It looks lovely.


Chris H said...

WOW, what fun you are having.

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