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Friday, June 24, 2011

Creation for today

I made this up today and took photos as I created.  I think these are called Humbug Bags? not sure.
The tutorial for this will be up next week. I haven't the time to do it today.
The fabric I used for this is a story of fabrics I purchased from Annie Downs last year when we were in Australia.  The inside fabric is a similar colour to the outside but has a old sampler cross-stitch pattern printed on it... Ill show that in the tutorial. 

The  back of the bag.... with my little tags I made recently... just had to show you that. :0)

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Lisa it looks great cant wait for the Tutorial,i received a lovely package from Cat today,she made me feel very special

Cat said...

My birthday "lisa bag" is already in use - I've used it for my gel pens which I use for fabric writing - it is gorgeous and I feel very spoilt xxx

Created by Essie said...

It is a nice bag.I'm looking forward towards your tutorial.
Than i only have to make time to do things i wish to make.

Greeting and lots of love

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