Friday, June 27, 2014

Where has my website gone?!

Well, this is extremely frustrating to say the least!!!

My website has disappeared, it has been down for a couple of months and I am having a bad time trying to get my hosters to answer my emails and fix whatever the issue is.

I paid for my domain name and for hosting for a year... which ends April next year.  

So if anyone is wondering where I have gone... I have flown off into cypherphere somewhere.

I have been doing lots of knitting and handsewn goodies... not photographed yet.

Will take pics soon.. Havnt been blogging  much due to life...  

I hope you are all well



Leeanne said...

Maybe it's with the odd socks!? Life is never dull is it.

Leonie said...

Come out come out, wherever you are site!!, hope you get it sorted Lisa! Hope you're hanging in there xx

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